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KAROTÁZS Scientific, Technical and Trade Ltd. was established in 1995. by former employers of MÉV (Mecsek Ore Mining) Company. In the previous years the staff got experience in underground exploration, using mostly self developed tools. Our field of activity is mainly well-logging, drilling geophysics and well testing.

BAF Since the establishment, we have been taking part in several well-logging, geophysical and well testing works, like Boda Claystone Formation, works involving mine (MÉV) closure and remediation, projects in the disposal of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste in Bátaapáti, well testing in Hungary and in the neighbouring countries.

Lonely Well During the 15 years, KAROTÁZS Ltd. has achieved an important position in the practice of Hungarian borehole, and well-logging metrology. For maintaining a high quality in our work, we use quality operating systems, improve our equipment supplied by our own and external resources.

Developers Beside the daily routine work, we managed to win several competitions successfully, and we have developed new measuring equipment and techniques. R&D activity is still a running programme in the life of our Company.

Our developed products can be pucheased from the Ltd. In case of special needs, we undertake to modify our technolgies for able to be applied in solving various problems.


  • Well-logging for well construction, condition assessments, dynamic well testing
  • Borehole logging for mineralogical purposes, geological prospecting, environmental protection measurements
  • Research and development

Sonic log Borehole logging Borehole (1600m) geophysical logging Demonstration

SP Measuring System

A product of our R&D activity is a well-logging system suitable for energy selective detection of gamma-radiation. The system is applicable for natural and neutron activated inquiries. With our product, it is possible to measure K, U, Th isotop concentrations and it is able be to used for minerological purposes (with activation measurements). Due to the wide temperature range, application of automatic spectrum stabilization is necessary.

GSP probe:

» Temperature range:
0-80 °C
» Max. pressure:
200 MPa
» Power supply:
35-58 V/100 mA
» Communication:
» Detector:
BGO, NaI scintillator and R980-1 (Hamamatsu) PMT tube
» Measured channels:
» ADC resolution:
12 bit
» Surface unit:

The developed measuring technology and process (with some modification) is able to be used for gamma-spectrum measurements in other cases as well.

Measuring with the GSP system GSP measurement in Bátaapáti GSP measurement GSP surface unit

NPCLOG Surface Unit

Our NPCLOG equipment is a universal PC-based surface recording unit, which (contrary to earlier practice) was constructed using exclusively own developments like task oriented motherboard, boards for measuring, data acquisition. The measuring and processing software is also self-created.

Properties of the equipment:

» Temperature range:
0-50 °C
» Power supply:
= 12 V, ~230 V
» Communication with PC:
» Required cable:
Armoured mining cable, with 4 conductors
» Maximum cable lenght:
2500 m

The NPCLOG is able to function with amuplex, acoustic and resistivity probes, and impedance measuring unit.

NPCLOG surface unit Well-logging truck Well testing in extreme circumstances Details of software creator

Impedance Measurement

In our presently R&D project we are developing a 1 – 256 channelled, DSP based group of electrical impedance measurement system for applications in geophysics, inquiry of materials and living structures.

PC programmable properties of the equipments:

optional current or voltage generator,
current or voltage measurement
detection with digital lock-in amplifier in all channels

» setup of measuring system:
modular, measuring with 8 - 256 channels
» measuring range:
1 Ohm – 100 MOhm, 0 – 90 degree
» system accuracy:
better then 0,01 %, +/-0,01 degree
» frequency range of measuring signal:
0,02 Hz – 90 kHz
» outgoing current range:
1 mA – 1000 mA
» outgoing voltage range:
1 mV – 100 V

The potential applications of the system: FFT spectrum measurement, impedance measurement (EIT), impedance spectrum measurement (EIS). With the measurement system it is possible to measure in two points with multiple frequencies or at a constant frequency in many points.

Possible applications:

FFT spectrum measurement for the analysis of nonlinearity and intermodulation of environmental noise or measured material

electrical impedance tomography (EIT): non-invasive 2D, 3D, 4D imaging technique, which is used for technical engineering in several occurrences

electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS): non-invasive spectroscopy technique, that provides the possibility for measurement sample and/or process characterization by recording the impedance spectrum

with using lock-in technique and modification of input channels, the system is able to be used for acoustic and magnetic impedance measurement

Developers FFT spectrum measured with 0.06Hz signal FFT spectrum measured with 80KHz signal Impedance spectrum testing


We consider that is important to publish our activity and developments. So we keep taking part in international conferences.

SISY 2011

On September 8 - 10, 2011 in Subotica (Serbia) we participated in "9th IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics (SISY 2011)". In the conference our demonstration, "Application of the FPGA technology in the Analisys of the Biomedical Signals" was presented by our developer, Bojan Kuljić (from Serbia).

Presentation I Presentation III Subotica, Lake Palicsi Subotica, city tour

EAGE Copenhagen '12

On June 4 - 7, 2011, the 74th EAGE Conference & Exhibition was organised in Copenhagen, where the KAROTÁZS Ltd. Participated as the member of the Cluster of Applied Earth Sciences (CAPES). On the introduced leaflets and poster we demonstrated our R&D activity. We presented our developments in the field of drilling geophysics (the surface recording unit and the GSP probe), impedance tomography and impedance spectrum measurement and in the application of all these.

Travelling Coppenhagen Congress Center Participants from CAPES (Ferenc Henézi, Rita Temesvári, Szilvia Szulimán, Tamás Földes) Sightseeing in Copenhagen


Cluster of Applied Earth Sciences participated on the 74. EAGE Conference and Exhibition Roll up, Introducing in Copenhagen Leaflet, Introducing in Copenhagen


In case of intention for purchasing from our products, please contact us here: posta@karotazs.hu

For further information please visit our homepage: www.karotazs.hu