About us

KAROTÁZS Scientific, Technical and Trade Ltd. was established in 1995. by former employers of MÉV (Mecsek Ore Mining) Company. In the previous years the staff got experience in underground exploration, using mostly self developed tools. Our field of activity is mainly well-logging, drilling geophysics and well testing.

Since the establishment, we have been taking part in several well-logging, geophysical and well testing works, like Boda Claystone Formation, works involving mine (MÉV) closure and remediation, projects in the disposal of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste in Bátaapáti, well testing in Hungary and in the neighbouring countries.

During the 15 years, KAROTÁZS Ltd. has achieved an important position in the practice of Hungarian borehole, and well-logging metrology. For maintaining a high quality in our work, we use quality operating systems, improve our equipment supplied by our own and external resources.

Beside the daily routine work, we managed to win several competitions successfully, and we have developed new measuring equipment and techniques. R&D activity is still a running programme in the life of our Company.
Our developed products can be pucheased from the Ltd. In case of special needs, we undertake to modify our technolgies for able to be applied in solving various problems.